Raising Bilingual Babies: Revealing Myths and Facts
 Claudia Serrano-Johnson, Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist 

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Claudia's Session Is Available Until Monday, October 12th at 9:00 AM EST

A few things you’ll discover by tuning into Claudia’s session:

*Will my baby develop more slowly if we are in a bilingual household than if we just focused on one language?

*Will raising my baby speaking multiple languages cause language delays or disorders?

*Will raising my baby with multiple languages cause confusion between each of the languages?

*What strategies can I choose to raise my baby to speak more than one languages?

And so much more!

Claudia Seranno-Johnson

Claudia was born and raised in South America. She moved to the United States when she was 13, giving her the opportunity to become bilingual and bi-cultural. She earned a Masters in Speech-Language Pathology with a focus in bilingual language development. She also gets to experience bilingual language development firsthand by being a mom of two little ones who are learning Spanish and English at the same time.

There are a lot of myths and fears surrounding the topic of raising bilingual children. “Will bilingualism cause my child to be delayed?”, “Will it confuse my child to learn two languages at once?”, “If my child does end up having a delay, do I need to stop speaking two languages at home?”, the list continues.

Claudia believes that it is essential for parents and professionals to accurately understand bilingual language development. Once a person understands how language develops in bilingual children, those myths and fears dissipate. Claudia’s mission is to use research to bust each myth and as a result empower parents to feel confident as they raise little bilinguals.

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