Baby Led Play: Leverage Playtime to Explode Your Baby’s Development
 Danielle LaFee, Baby and Toddler Parenting Coach

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Danielle's Session Is Available Until Friday, October 9th at 9:00 AM EST

A few things you’ll discover by tuning into Danielle’s session:

*Why is play so important for my baby's development?

*How can I create the conditions for play with my baby?

*How can I understand my baby's personality, especially when it comes to play?

*How can I create a daily play routine for me and my baby?

And so much more!

Danielle LaFee

Danielle is a baby and toddler parenting coach who loves about helping new parents find their groove during the early days of parenting. 

As the oldest of 6 kids, Danielle had a lot of practice soothing, cuddling, swaddling, and changing babies long before her baby was born. But once her little one was born, she realized the major gap when it comes to supporting and educating new moms. So she decided to start changing this and start offering information and support to the new parents in her little corner of the internet.

Danielle is passionate about guiding parents to listen to their intuition and focuses on sharing information about baby-led eating, sleeping, and playing to help parents stop counting the minutes until nap and truly fall in love with the baby days. 

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