Tips to Thrive as a Stay-at-Home Mom
Domiana Ndour, Bestselling Author, CYT 500, Intuitive Healer, Coach

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Domiana’s Session Is Available Until Tuesday, October 13th at 9:00 AM EST

A few things you’ll discover by tuning into Domiana's session:

*How can I take care of myself as a new mom?

*What can I do when I'm feeling really overwhelmed and burnt out from being home all the time?

*How can I find myself again if I'm feeling lost as a new mom?

*How can I find time for self-care with my already busy routine? 

And so much more!

Domiana Ndour

Domiana Ndour is a magnetic intuitive healer, coach, and author who truly believes that heart-centered work creates magic. She helps moms keep their sanity and rock motherhood with grace and ease.

She’s wife to her Honey Buns, and mother of two beautiful babies. She values the balance of raising a family, being a wife, and showing up for herself. She makes a daily conscious effort to remain grounded and balanced and is passionate about sharing her struggles and successes with other mamas.

Domiana knows how difficult it is for mamas to carve out time for themselves and uses the power of breath and hot showers to keep her life in check. Honey Buns is a professional athlete living abroad and they use creativity, connection, and communication to make their lifestyle work. It’s not without its challenges, and she hopes to pass on the wisdom she’s collected from their adventures with you.

Domiana’s yoga journey started as a way to enhance her performance as a professional basketball player. It was a low-impact way to build strength, increase mobility, and tend to neglected muscles, tendons, and fascia. Yoga also enhanced her mind-body connection which was a game changer. Her game elevated because of yoga. But learning how to breathe correctly—yes, you can breathe incorrectly—was the life changer. Realizing the power of breath is the best thing yoga has ever taught her.

Now, her yoga practice focuses on exploring the union of breath and movement. This has catapulted her healing journey, energy awakening and connection to our ancestors. She’s healed herself from a traumatic birth and postpartum experience and facilitates healing for her clients. She’s passionate about empowering women to heal themselves.

The most rewarding part of her yoga journey is sharing it with her two-year-old and one-year-old daughters, Juniper and Irie. They explore the power of breath together and baby wearing yoga rocking her Reclaim Woven Wrap. She loves how the wrap encourages a sacred bond with her girls and celebrates the beauty and divinity of motherhood.

Domiana loves teaching yoga workshops at Youth Basketball and Leadership Camps in Senegal, Africa every year. Some campers have never heard of yoga, and it’s such a gift to introduce these children to yoga’s many benefits.

Making healing accessible to those who otherwise wouldn’t have access to it lights her up. She brings warmth, safety, comfort and a welcoming vibe to all her students and clients.

On paper, she has two bachelor’s degrees from Miami University—Spanish linguistics and strategic communication, a master’s degree from Purdue University in strategic communication, countless communication certifications, CYT 500 and RYT 200 yoga teacher training certificates and specializes in pranayama (breathwork), prenatal, postpartum, and babywearing yoga.

Through sharing her experiences of being a pro athlete, lightworker, healer, traveling the world, teaching yoga and mom-in’ it, she holds the intention to inspire, uplift and support other mamas on their journey.

Domiana is constantly rooting and uprooting each basketball season but calls Scottsdale, AZ home base. You can find more of her on instagram @kdomiana or email hidomiana@gmail.com.

Check out Domiana's bestselling book, "Help! My Husband is Hardly Home."

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