Growing a Reader from Birth with Book-Based Play
 Gwendolyn Reinhard, B.S. in Elementary Education, Masters in Reading Education, Public School Teacher

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Gwendolyn’s Session Is Available Until Friday, October 9th at 9:00 AM EST

A few things you’ll discover by tuning into Gwendolyn’s session:

*Why is reading important for my baby?

*What is book-based play and how is this different from just reading to my kids?

*How can I incorporate books into my daily routine with my baby?

*What can I do if my baby isn't interested in books?

And so much more!

Gwendolyn Reinhard

Gwendolyn is a stay-at-home mom to Jemma (3 1/2), Chase (1 1/2), and their orange tabby cat, Griffon. She is the wife to an extraordinary, hard-working, and supportive man, Jason. She loves the color purple, reading, drinking coffee, Disney World, walking, running, and bike riding.

Gwendolyn taught reading and ESL in an inner city school district. She was a positive light in many of her students’ lives and worked hard to nurture a love of reading, writing, and learning, as well as provide meaningful experiences for each of her students. This was met with challenges, but seeing the light-bulbs turn on and watching their pride after reading a book all by themselves or publishing a piece of writing after weeks of hard work made her days as a teacher truly worth it. She cared for my students and wanted to inspire them to love every moment and laugh out loud because they were kids after all.

Gwendolyn is a teacher turned stay-at-home mom. As a SAHM, she enjoys utilizing the creativity from her teaching days and applying it to the play and learning in our home every single day. She loves reading books to her kids and wants them to grow into lifelong learners. So they use books daily to inspire their play and learning. She enjoys sharing what she does and showing other moms how they can make the most of their child's play by starting with a book.

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