You Can't Spoil a Baby: The Importance of Nurture During the First Year
Dr. Kimberley Bennett, PsyD. Child Adolescent and Educational Psychology

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Dr. Kimberley’s Session Is Available Until Wednesday, October 7th at 9:00 AM EST

A few things you’ll discover by tuning into Dr. Kimberley’s session:

*What is "nurture" and why is this important for my baby?

*Why does my baby want to attach through the senses and what does this mean for my interactions with my baby?

*How can I develop a secure attachment with my baby?

*How does comforting and soothing my baby lead to more independence in the future?

*Can I spoil my baby if I soothe and nurture too much?

And so much more!

Dr. Kimberley Bennett

Kimberley obtained her Doctorate in Child, Adolescent and Educational Psychology in Queen’s University Belfast.

She developed a particular interest in the area of trauma and attachment during her training and furthered this interest during her work as an Educational Psychologist. Following the birth of her son, she commenced a career break and founded the_psychologists_child.

She has a particular interest in the importance of sensitive and responsive care during infancy and works to support parents to parent from a place of connection, to nurture their relationship with their child, to nourish their child's neurodevelopment while navigating the challenges of infancy and early childhood.

Check out The Psychologist's Child website here.

Check out the Raising a Secure Child book Dr. Kimberley mentions in her presentation.

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