Creating a Strong Family Legacy from Birth
Krista Gilbert, Home Coach, Writer, Speaker, Podcaster

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Krista’s Session Is Available Until Friday, October 9th at 9:00 AM EST

A few things you’ll discover by tuning into Krista's session:

*What does creating a family legacy mean and why is this important to me and my family?

*What should family time look like and how do I know what activities I need to do to promote a strong family life?

*How can I find time for family time and bonding with my super busy schedule?

*How does focusing on family time and creating our family legacy now impact our family when my baby goes through the teenage and adult years?

And so much more!

Krista Gilbert

Krista Gilbert is an author, blogger, and speaker who lives in the mountains of Idaho with her husband, Erik, and their four children.

Passionate about bringing meaning and fun to the table, she inspires others to live their lives on purpose – encouraging deep roots of connection, faith, love, and grace.

When she isn’t blogging at kristagilbert.com, or daring families at meaninginaminute.com, you will find her dancing around the kitchen cooking, laughing wholeheartedly, or racing her kids down a ski run.

Visit Krista’s website.

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