How to Help Your Baby Discover Intrinsic Eating and Healthy Food Relationships
Leah Hackney, Pediatric Registered Dietitian

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Leah’s Session Is Available Until Saturday, October 10th at 9:00 AM EST

A few things you’ll discover by tuning into Leah's session:

*What is intuitive eating and how is this helpful for my baby as we begin solids?

*Are there times when I should push my baby to eat more or less and how do I follow their instincts?

*What can I do if family and friends have criticism around the choices we give our baby during mealtime?

*Are there "good foods" and "bad foods" and what are tips for how I can talk about these with my baby?

*What can I do to help my baby like healthier foods and want to eat more fruits and vegetables?

And so much more!

Leah Hackney

Leah Hackney is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a virtual private practice based in Alberta, Canada.

She works with families to provide nutrition guidance from baby’s first solids to raising body confident adolescents. From birth, many children have the natural ability to tune in to their hunger and fullness cues, and eat what their body needs. Through a mindful framework, Leah guides families to support their kids’ natural ability to eat intuitively, and to start sustainable nutrition habits for their kids long-term well-being.

Many parents are concerned about their child’s nutrition and growth. Leah’s framework transforms hesitant and picky eaters to adventurous eaters, so parents can relax knowing they are on the right track with their child’s nutrition.

Modern families understand that our relationship to our bodies and food is important. So many parents have struggled with their relationship with food their whole lives, and they don’t want to pass that struggle on to their kids!

Leah’s goal is for parents to help their kids preserve their intuitive eating skills, and support them in having a positive relationship with food for life.

Learn how to book an appointment with Leah here.

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