Everything You Need to Know about Using Fever and Pain Medications for Your Baby
Marilena Grittani, Registered Pharmacist, Certified Medication Therapy Management

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Marilena’s Session Is Available Until Sunday, October 11th at 9:00 AM EST

A few things you’ll discover by tuning into Marilena's session:

*What are the most common pain and fever medications used with babies?

*When are these pain medications recommend and how do I know if I should offer my baby these medications?

*How to I know the correct dose of these medications for my baby?

*How often can I give pain and fever medications to my baby?

And so much more!

Marilena Grittani

After 26 years as a Clinical Pharmacist in hospitals and retail pharmacies, Marilena decided to change her professional life to educate and help those that need and want guidance. Her 2 platforms are The Legal Drug Dealer Podcast and Taking Control Of Their Own Health, an online conference and future membership site.

Her passion is to empower females, that are friends, moms, spouses, sisters, cousins, children and/or grandchildren that love and cares about her loved ones, to make the best educated medical decisions.

Marilena empowers them through reliable and professional medical information that is easy to understand, and is provided by herself and a team of amazing experts that are invited to her platforms constantly.

Join the Legal Drug Dealer Community and the Taking Control Of My Own Health Group, and learn reliable Professional Medical information with us!

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