Baby Speech and Language Development: Proactive Strategies to Use With Your Baby
Michelle Mintz, M.S., CCC-SLP, Personal Baby Bloomer

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Michelle’s Session Is Available Until Monday, October 12th at 9:00 AM EST

A few things you’ll discover by tuning into Michelle's session:

*Why is the first year so critical and important for my baby's development?

*What is speech and language development and how do these differ from each other?

*What are some proactive ways that I can promote language development with my baby?

*Are there specific speech and language milestones that I should keep an eye out for at different points in my baby's development? 

And so much more!

Michelle Mintz

Michelle Mintz, M.S., CCC-SLP is the Personal Baby Bloomer from Baby Blooming Moments. She telecoaces those who raise babies and toddlers to apply her pro-active strategies during their everyday routines to help enhance brain connections, encourage early language development and enrich attachments.

Scientific research has proven that the first 5 years of life are so crucial for stimulating brain cells that haven't formed and are ready to be nurtured. While many factors influence brain development, HOW people interact with their babies and toddlers have the most significant impact. Michelle helps to turn everyday experiences into brighter beginnings.

Michelle has been a licensed Speech and Language Therapist for over 25 years. She earned her B.A. in Speech and Hearing Sciences from U.C. Santa Barbara and in 1995, and her M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology from Boston University. In addition to her private practice entitled, tot2talk, in Santa Monica, California, she works with families in private homes, with children at the Therapeutic Preschool established by Providence St. John's Health Center, online through teletherapy services, with the Regional Center which is a state funded therapy program for children birth through three years old and she has worked closely with very young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Her therapy experiences inspired her to create her company, BABY BLOOMING MOMENTS. The strategies she designed are for all babies and toddlers and their families, not just for those who have developmental concerns. During these interactive telecoaching sessions, she coaches those who raise babies and toddlers to apply her pro-active strategies while they are already talking, singing, reading, playing, dressing, feeding, bathing, riding in the car, grocery shopping...so their child can bloom to their brightest potential. These strategies help increase eye contact, joint attention and vocabulary. Families will experience a deeper bond and attachment with their baby at a more meaningful and stimulating level than they are already experiencing. As babies bloom...families blossom.

She has also written about the importance of the first five years of life which have appeared in a variety of publications. Additionally, She has written a children's book entitled All Done Binky! because of the importance of stopping use of a pacifier early to avoid possible speech and language development difficulties. It is available on Amazon.

Check out the Baby Blooming Moments website.

Check out the All Done Binky! book

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