Introducing Visual Supports: How this Helps Your Entire Family
 Michelle Tangeman, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (mfc85890), Board Certified Behavior Analyst 

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Michelle’s Session Is Available Until Friday, October 9th at 9:00 AM EST

A few things you’ll discover by tuning into Michelle’s session:

*What are visual supports and why are these helpful for me and by child?

*What are the different types of supports and when can I use each of these with my child?

*How can I introduce visual supports to my baby or young toddler?

*How can I think of situations or scenarios that would be helpful to add in a visual support?

And so much more!

Michelle Tangeman

Michelle Tangeman is a mom of two living in Los Angeles, California. She is also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (mfc 85890) with advanced training in perinatal mental health and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

Despite having the education and training to support her, Michelle struggled to manage all that comes with becoming a new mom and all the big feelings and behaviors that come with raising a toddler. She started @thriving.toddler two years after my daughter was born to provide education and resources to help parents navigate the toddler years.

@thriving.toddler is a place you can come to find evidence-based resources on positive parenting. You can find information on positive behavior support, visual supports, self-regulation, potty training, and so much more. I offer a video course on how to manage behaviors in the moment, with confidence, that is in line with your family values.

Visit the Thriving Toddler website.

Check out Michelle's Toddler Mini Course here.

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2. What was your biggest takeaway from Michelle's presentation?

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