Taking Care of Mom: Prevention of Perinatal Mood Disorders and Reclaiming Your Identity
 Miranda Layton, LCSW-C, LISW-CP

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Miranda’s Session Is Available Until Wednesday, October 7th at 9:00 AM EST

A few things you’ll discover by tuning into Miranda’s session:

*What are things I can do early on to support my perinatal mental health?

*What are some ways that I can stop feeling like I've lost my identity as a new mom?

*How can I make time for self-care with everything on my plate right now?

*What are some signs I should look for that I might have a perinatal mood disorder and need more help?

*What can my partner and I do to help and support each other during the baby days?

And so much more!

Miranda Layton

Miranda Layton is a transplant from Maryland to South Carolina. Miranda and her family wanted to live a slower lifestyle as well as be in warmer weather. She is married with two girls who have brought so much joy to her life (but not without a lot of adjustments and challenges along the way).

Miranda has found parenthood not only to be the most joyful time of her life, but also the most challenging. Her journey through her career and parenthood continues to be a work in progress to ensure she has balance in her personal and professional life.

For this reason Miranda’s journey as a wife, mother, therapist and all the other hats she wears has led her to recognize the importance of self-care, work/life balance and to be kind to herself. Her goal is to pass tools along to others so that you can feel happier, more balanced and fulfilled in all of the roles in your life.

While she does have a very special interest in perinatal mental health, she also very much enjoys working with individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, parenting, difficulty with life transitions/adjustments and life stressors.

Visit Miranda Layton’s website.

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